The digital realm expands further every year with the flourishing industry offering up a plethora of innovative breakthroughs. At the top of the list? Wireless headphones. Gone are the days where we battled with the gnarly mess of entangled earphone wires that could take hours to detangle.

What sets wireless headphones apart from true wireless earbuds – besides eliminating the chances of dropping one earbud (we’ve all been there) – is the fact that wireless headphones often offer better noise cancellation, and therefore increasing sound quality. With their inception, these headphones have brought about convenience with a dash of premium sound quality.

Image: Bose

Apple’s launch of the new AirPods Max seems to have further cement the popularity of wireless headphones. The technology giant announced the headphones version to their famous wireless earbuds just last week, making it the perfect gift in time for Christmas.

But it’s not just Apple’s new headphones making a buzz. With an array of ground-breaking options in the market, it can be hard to discover the best option for you. To help you make a decision, we’ve gathered all the top wireless headphones that are currently on our radar. Whether you’re looking to gift someone an audio gift this Christmas or you’re looking to nab one for yourself, these are the best wireless headphones currently on the market.

AirPods Max

The newest addition to join the Apple family, the AirPods Max promises to deliver an even better audio experience with its sleek over-ear design. “The custom acoustic design, combined with powerful H1 chips, and advanced software enable AirPods Max to use computational audio to wirelessly deliver the ultimate personal listening experience,” says Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing.

Image: Apple

To deliver a crisp audio listening experience, the AirPods Max features an Apple-designed H1 chip in each ear cup, alongside Adaptive EQ and spatial audio with dynamic head tracking. A standout design from the Max is the active noise cancellation feature, which automatically detects environmental noise and continuously adapts to movement in real time.

Just like the AirPods Pro, the Max’s Transparency Mode will come convenient as it toggles music to sound natural, allowing users to simultaneously listen to music whilst being aware of the environment around them. Switching between both modes are simple and can be conducted with a single press.

Image: Apple

You’ll be able to jam out to your favourite tunes for up to 20 hours with the AirPods Max’s battery life. When not in use, you can but the headphones into a low power state by stowing them in the Smart Case that comes along with the Max.

Apple’s AirPods Max comes in five colours: space grey, silver, sky blue, green and pink. It currently retails at $849 and is available to purchase on Apple’s website.  

Bang & Olufsen

Audiophiles will know Bang & Olufsen as the brand with a premium reputation when it comes to quality audio products. The luxury Danish electronic brand’s latest offering, the Beoplay H95, debuted earlier this year as a celebration of the brand’s 95-year anniversary.

Termed the brand’s flagship headphones, the Beoplay H95 provides a luxurious fit intended for long-term wear. The earpads and headband are stylish and refined in design, and they’re also constructed with soft memory foam for comfort. Featuring the most advanced adaptive Active Noise Cancellation yet of any Bang & Olufsen headphones, the Beoplay H95 is precise in its audio quality, whether you’re listening from home, work or even whilst you’re in transit.

Battery wise, the Beoplay H95 contains the market’s leading battery time with up to 38 hours of usage in one charge. It also features a user-adjustable transparency mode, so you’re constantly aware of your surroundings even without removing the headphones.

With both beautiful aesthetics and high-quality performance, the Beoplay H95 serves as the standout headphones amongst Bang & Olufsen’s impressive line-up. It’s currently available in three colours – gold tone, grey mist and black – and also comes with a free Raf Simons x Kvadrat headphone bag if you’re purchasing a pair for Christmas.


Think Bose, and sleek audio products should come to mind. Whether you’re looking to listen to a hard-hitting song for your workout or immerse yourself into your favourite album, Bose’s Noise Cancelling 700 Headphones will do the trick. The wireless listening experience is elevated with this elite over-ear headphones, which has been heralded as the ‘best-sounding Bose headphones to date’.

Image: Bose

The award-winning headphones delivers powerful sound quality that is very much at the top of its game. The clue to the 700’s headlining feature is in its name – noise cancellation.

Microphones are housed both inside and outside the earcups to constantly detect the sounds and environment you’re in. These microphones work to produce an opposite signal in your headphones to cancel them out, setting an empty stage ahead for your music to play on.  

Image: Bose

Besides music, the 700 also applies this powerful noise cancellation feature to phone calls. This means that the person you’re speaking to won’t be able to hear your noise surroundings, which can often be a distraction in itself.

Image: Bose

Designed for all-day, everyday use, the Bose Noise Cancelling 700 Headphones is straightforward and a breeze to use. The battery life lasts for up to 20 hours, with 2.5 hours of charge time. It’s currently available in three colours: black, luxe silver, and soapstone, a gorgeous cream and rose-gold mixture.