This year has seen us become homebodies more than ever, thanks to the pandemic. We work, exercise and eat frequently all at one place, and it can get a little stuffy after a while. But sometimes, all we need could be the teeniest things to spruce up our mundane environment. Ever drank coffee from a cute mug and instantly perked up during a dull work morning? Why not also try brightening up your mealtimes with some handcrafted and aesthetic plates or cutleries!

It’s the Christmas season, and the perfect opportunity to #treatyourself and the people you adore. Here’s a curated list of artisanal dinnerware gift options for you and your loved ones this Xmas.

1. The Editor’s Market

The Editor’s Market Life collection. PHOTO from The Editor’s Market

The Editor’s Market has always been known for their minimalist clothing, but the addition of their lifestyle collection has really upped their aesthetic game. It houses a series of brands from different countries, and you can find a variety of dinnerware, kitchenware, textiles and much more.

BORNN Large Flat Plate in Blue Marble (S$36), sold out at The Editor’s Market. PHOTO from The Editor’s Market

With a plate as mesmerizing as BORRN’s Large Flat Plate (S$36), it might end up stealing the spotlight over whatever you’re eating. The Blue Marble design is completely sold out, but the black version (S$36) is still available online and at the Somerset store.

Around since 2015, BORRN comes from Turkey, and specialises in artisanal tableware. You will be able to appreciate the one-of-a-kind color intensity your plate has, which is a result of using a traditional kiln during the firing process.

Shop more artisanal dinnerware at The Editor’s Market: Online | Somerset store

2. Bykurahome

The Olivia Dinnerware (S$54.90/plate & bowl set). PHOTO from Bykurahome

Bykurahome is popular for its durable and eco-friendly silicone kitchenware, from lunch boxes to lids and ice trays. But, the brand also showcases a variety of gorgeous-looking handmade dinnerware.

Planning a fancy anniversary dinner at home? The Olivia Dinnerware (S$54.90/plate & bowl set) will make you feel like you’re dining at the classiest restaurant in town.

The Andrea Dinnerware (S$49.90/plate & bowl set). PHOTO from Bykurahome

Having the same old leftovers for the third time this week? No worries, this handmade Andrea Dinnerware set will brighten up even the dullest of meals. Though I wished they came in more gorgeous colours, you can pick from a matte finishing of pink, emerald and mustard.

If you’re planning to splurge a little, get the set which comes with a plate and bowl each at S$49.90. You can also get a bowl for S$24.90, and a plate for S$29.90.

P.S. Get 10% off your first order when you sign up on their site with your email!

Shop Bykurahome here:

3. Crate&Barrel

The Wilder Individual Bowl with Handle (S$24.85). PHOTO from Crate&Barrel Singapore

Crate&Barrel is that one furniture store you always peer in when you walk by, thanks to their stylish and modern furniture. It comes as no surprise that their dinnerware collection is equally aesthetic.

Perfect for holding soups or stews, this handcrafted from Portugal Wilder Individual Bowl with Handle (S$24.85) will certainly make the experience much more hearty.

The Primrose Gold Platter (S$169.85). PHOTO from Crate&Barrel Singapore

Dine like royalty when you serve up dishes with The Primrose Gold Platter (S$169.85). The handcrafted stoneware from Portugal comes with a 6″ diameter and 2.5″ height, and it’s rim is encircled with real gold (hence the jaw-dropping price).

Shop more dinnerware from Crate&Barrel Singapore here.

4. Our Second Nature

The Everyday Speckled Mug (S$58). PHOTO from Our Second Nature

You probably have seen tons of ladies on Instagram flexing their OOTDs dressed in Our Second Nature. The local clothing brand is a cult-favourite with the ladies, and it focuses on comfortable, everyday wear with unique prints.

Living by the Second is their collection of homeware, and they collaborated with Singaporean-based artist ByRos Bespoke Ceramics to create a series of handcrafted mugs and plates. One of them is online exclusive Everyday Speckled Mug (S$58), which is sadly sold out, but do keep an eye out for any future releases!

The Speckled Plate (S$55). PHOTO by Our Second Nature

Another sold out creation (online exclusive) from the collaboration is the Speckled Plate (S$55), which is a pity, but we can hopefully look forward to more releases from the label! For the time being, let’s just admire how our next sandwich could look so good on one of their handcrafted plates.

Keep a lookout for their Living by the Second creations here.

With all these aesthetic dinnerware options, we’re sure you’ll be having a hard time picking just a few!