With more countries falling into repeated lockdowns, we are probably over the thought of travelling anytime soon. Thus, we figured that since the government has extended the expiry dates for the SingapoRediscover Vouchers (SRV), it’s time we start utilising them on our day off(s).

There are hundreds of activities to choose from on websites like Global Tix, Klook, Traveloka, Changi Recommends and Trip.com that are eligible for using the SRV. For the workaholics and thrill-seekers down to explorers or even home cooks, we suggest four activities below that could be covered using your $100 worth of vouchers.


Image: @andazsingapore

Staycations certainly rank top for us, knowing how we could use the time away from our routines. Undeniably, there’s just something about sleeping in the comfort of hotel duvets and their snuggly beds that allow us to achieve the best sleep ever.

With so many hotels to choose from, we recommend drawing it down to their reviews, accessibility, and not forgetting, their “eligible for SingapoRediscovers vouchers” deals.

Note: If you opt for deals with breakfast, hotels will offer them in takeaway boxes and have it sent to you in the morning — guess it’s a good chance for some breakfast in bed.

Image: @hotelgsingapore

For all you workaholics, certain hotels do offer work-from-hotel deals as well. With this, you merely pay under hundred dollars, and you’d get access to a room for you to work in during office hours. If you feel a little lavish, simply order room service whilst catching up on some Netflix series during lunchtime.

AJ Hackett bungy jump

Image: @skyparksentosa

Thrill-seekers, here’s the perfect activity for you. Swing by AJ Hackett for a bungy jump off the 47 m high Skypark tower in Siloso Beach, Sentosa. Since it’ll be a while till we can experience the 233 m tall bungy in Macau, perhaps consider Sentosa’s edition as a warm-up session.

Image: @skyparksentosa

If you’re feeling a little anxious to complete the jump alone, opt for AJ Hackett’s giant swing (pictured above), which allows you and your friends to experience the swing together.

Important note: Anyone with an existing medical condition such as high blood pressure, heart conditions and recent surgical procedures, do get approval from your medical practitioners before proceeding with these activities.


Southern Island Yacht Tour with Cable Car

Image: @klooksg

Pulau Ubin seems to be the top searched offshore island of Singapore, but we figured maybe it’s time to adventure across the Southern Islands instead to St John’s Island, Lazarus Island and Kusu Island.

Cruise from Sentosa Cove to the respective islands on a private yacht whilst being enthralled by untold myths and legends by the guide on board. After the enriching tour and escapade from mainland Singapore, end off the day by going up in the air on a cable car.

Note: There isn’t a shop or a food store on any of the islands, so do prepare some food and drinks in your backpacks before hopping onto the ferry. Don’t forget to pack some sunscreen and shades too, as it may get relatively sunny during midday.


“Travel” to Thailand

Image: Trip.com

We’re pretty sure many of you have tried replicating authentic Thai dishes (such as Tom yum soup and pad thai). But, it always feels as though you’re missing an ingredient or two.

With the Let’s go Cook – Discover Thailand session, you’ll go on a guided Thai market tour where you’ll learn more about the essential ingredients of any Thai cuisine. After that, you’ll be taught how to cook a couple of dishes, of course under the guidance of a professional chef.

Note: The session is open to both genders and people of all ages. So, to the gentlemen out there who are probably thinking of surprising your partners to relieve those good ol’ Bangkok trips, be sure to join in the session.

*Masks are to be worn throughout the session and groups are kept to a maximum of five at one time.

Feature image by @stb_sg