It’s no secret that during the Circuit Breaker period, many of us turned to baking at home as a way of distracting ourselves from the crippling loneliness of social distancing. But long before the pandemic even hit, home bake businesses have already formed a flourishing community on Instagram. From flaky pastries to lava cakes and macarons, the ever-growing choices are definitely a treat for the eyes and mouth.

Whites Bakery’s Christmas Fat Macaron (S$30/6pc). PHOTO by Whites Bakery

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas……..and delicious Xmas-themed desserts! Since we know how overwhelming it can be to pick from so many options, we’ve merrily compiled a list of 5 home bakers on IG to bag your Xmas treats from. Caution: You might snowball and end up ordering too many of these goodies.

1. softpeaks_bakery

Soft Peaks’ MSW Durian Chocolate Tiramisu (S$18.90). PHOTO by softpeaks_bakery

If you’re a fan of tiramisu on a mission for some Xmas treats, look no further. Soft Peaks focuses on various tiramisu desserts with flavours like durian, red velvet, kahlua, rum and more. We’d recommend you some of their popular flavours, but looking at their reviews on their IG highlights, it seems like all types are crowd favourites. You might have some trouble deciding on just one.

Choose either Peppermint Mocha Tiramisu or Dark Chocolate Peppermint for this design (S$14.90 each).
PHOTO by softpeaks_bakery

This tiramisu creation might seem simple, but it reminds us of the delicate snowfall during an early Christmas morning. You can decide between Peppermint Mocha or Dark Chocolate Peppermint (S$14.90 each), depending on your taste buds. Check out their IG page for their Christmas Red Velvet (S$13.90) tiramisu too, which features a cute Christmas tree design!

Slots for their tiramisu items are opened for 11 December 2020, so better secure yours ASAP!

Order here: | WA+65 9115 7806 | Via their DMs

2. lalacakeland (Vegan)

lalacakeland’s Christmas Cupcakes (S$45). PHOTO by lalacakeland

lalacakeland was created in 2016 by full-time working professionals Colieen and Summer, who dedicate their free time to their passion for vegan home-bakes. You might be surprised to know that the pair are not vegans, but decided to create tasty yet plant-based options due to their love for the planet and animals.

lalacakeland’s Christmas Dessert Gift Box (S$45). PHOTO by lalacakeland

The owners say their bakes are far from professional-looking, but their Christmas Dessert Gift Box (S$45) seems pretty legit to us! It features six delectable treats like Reindeer sugar cookies with royal icing, Spiced apple pie, Raspberry star cookies and more. The sweetest treat of them all though is the giveaway of this dessert box on their IG, which ends on 20 December, so don’t miss out.

You’ll be spoiled for choice as there are 4 more creations under their Xmas collection for you to pick from; Christmas Cupcakes (S$45), Gingerbread Granola Jar (S$30), Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies Jar (S$30) and Merry Bundle Gift Set (S$55).

Order here:

Check out these other vegan options on IG: lilac.oak and

3. (Taiwan and Korean-inspired)’s Crème brûlée caramelised banana cake (S$80). PHOTO by

For Shermin, the craftsperson behind, jingle bells are not the only things ringing this December (we’re referring to wedding bells). After an LDR of over 5 years, she’s finally tying the knot with her fiance who she’ll be residing with over in Taiwan, hooray! She’ll be basing her business in Taiwan, but might work on her Singaporean-based bakes whenever she’s home.

This could be one of the last few chances for locals to get their hands on these aesthetic-looking cakes from the Culinary Institute of America in Singapore graduate, so act fast!’s Matcha tree (S$50). PHOTO by

Can we just talk about how this Matcha tree (S$50) is too beautiful to eat? If you’re heartless enough to cut through it, you’ll find out that it’s made of matcha sable, matcha ganache montee, edible ornaments of glace
chestnut pieces
and more. Also, fans of Hvala will be delighted to know that the matcha used is from them!

Don’t forget to check out their X’mas gift set (S$85), which features an assortment of festive treats like chocolate chip cookies, buttery shortbread and a Christmas fruit cake.

Order here:

Check out these other Korean-inspired baking accounts on IG: muyeombutter, bentocakeburglar batterwith_butter and whitesbakery

4.’s Matcha Lava Cake (S$6). PHOTO by

Lava cakes and their oozy-goodness have been all the trend lately, and it’s exactly what specializes in. According to the reviews on the account’s IG highlights, it seems like many are enjoying a slice (or more) of their cake. Flavours available include matcha, black sesame, coffee and more.’s Christmas Sharing Box (S$50). PHOTO by

The only cold air we will be experiencing might be from blasting the aircon, but that doesn’t mean we can’t gobble up some warm, oozy lava cakes.’s Christmas Sharing Box (S$50) comes with an assortment of 4 lava cakes of your choosing, 4 Christmas brownies along with some chocolate-flavoured cookies and a banana cake.

Order here: Google docs | WA +65 9231 0567 | Via their DMs

5. PoppingPatron

Poppingpatron’s Cinnamon Chiffon Cake (S$13). PHOTO by Poppingpatron

‘Tis the season of giving, and one way you can do your part is by ordering from Poppingpatron; 10% of the proceeds earned during December will be given to the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

Poppinpatron recently launched back in August 2020, but have already gained a steady following of over 700 followers. They specialize in chiffon cakes and cookies, and have been previously donating part of their monthly proceeds to different causes.

Poppingpatron’s Brown butter dark choco cookies (prices vary with flavour). PHOTO by Poppingpatron

Their Brown butter dark choco cookies come in two flavours; Cinnamon Cranberry (S$13/6pc) and Peppermint (S$15/6pc). The former flavour comes topped with marshmallow and pretzels, while the latter has cocoa nibs, marshmallow and andez mint choco, yum!

You can pre-order your Xmas treats now for the following slots: 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 24 and 31 December 2020.

Order here: Via their DMs

There is no better gift than a thoughtful, handmade one. We’re sure your loved ones will be able to feel the sweetness from you (and the treats).

Just a head’s up though that these days, trying to secure a slot for your favourite treats is as nerve-wracking as trying to cart-out the latest sneakers. Now is the best time to activate your #kanchiongspider mode and bag those Xmas goodies quick!